“Translators” Film: An ATA Virtual Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, December 14, 2023

Complimentary Recording Available!

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Contact ATA’s Advocacy Committee at advocacy@tsby.net.

This roundtable addressed the challenges depicted in the film Translators and provides insights into the repercussions of asking children to work as interpreters for people with limited English proficiency (LEP) and the trauma it can cause.

This free virtual roundtable discussed the depiction of children as interpreters in the film Translators, directed by Rudy Valdez and presented by U.S. Bank. A diverse panel of language services industry experts, including researchers, language access advocates, and former child interpreters, provided insights into the issue, explaining how the film highlights many of the challenges child interpreters can experience and how people who need professional interpreters can avail themselves of their federally protected rights to access them.

The panel discusses and reviews the film and the issues it presents, analyzes the challenges of offering “meaningful” language access for LEP individuals, and suggests solutions to avoid placing the language brokering burden on children.

To view the complimentary recording of this virtual roundtable, CLICK HERE.


Contact ATA’s Advocacy Committee at advocacy@tsby.net.

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